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C.A. International

What is C.A. International? A global project.

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to our magazine, C.A. International. Here, I will tell you more about our journey and goals. We are a global magazine aiming to create a network of international, conscientious citizens through a healthy exchange of ideas. C.A. International seeks to empower the voice of teenagers all around the world. In our magazine, you will find the top stories of politics, health, arts&entertainment, along with technology. All articles have a unique point of view, characterized by the writer. 

Now, let’s dive into the story of C.A. International. It all started in the St. Nicholas Magazine, my school. A group of Y11s, myself included, decided to create the St. Nicholas Official School Magazine, to be published monthly on our school’s platform. Founded in September 2020, we wrote about a range of topics; however, all had to have the school’s approval. In the St. Nicholas Magazine, as I talked to friends in other schools, asking them how coming back to classes in 2021 would be, it gave me an idea to start the C.A. Project. This online publication now features the coming back to classes in 2021. It started with two schools: St. Nicholas and St. Pauls' publishing. Yet, already in the second edition, 15 schools were taking part in the project. Students were from Greece, UK, Italy, Brazil, Peru, and other countries. We continued writing until our half-term break, and we will likely resume writing about coming back to classes in 2021 for the following months. In June, we started planning C.A. International. 

When starting the Collaborative Articles Project, I would joke we would once have our own magazine in which we would not have to be worried about what to write, as institutions would not be limiting what we published. Thus, came C.A. International - a global magazine that unifies students and allows them to freely express their perspectives. In C.A. International we hold meetings twice a month and publish every month. By being a close-knit community, we also stay connected during this time of much uncertainty. When we do not know what the future holds, we secure ourselves with each other and our writing.

If you are interested in knowing more about our journey, what we are doing, and taking part in the project, do not hesitate in contacting us! 

We hope you enjoy our magazine :)

Best regards, 

Luana Mayer and C.A. Team 

What is C.A. International?: Feature Story
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