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The importance of being environmentally conscious

By Maria Carolina Lima

From São Paulo, Brazil

As we already know, the whole world has been dealing with climate change. And we, as the young generation who will be in power someday, have to understand global warming’s consequences and how it will and already has affected our daily lives.

The importance of being environmentally conscious: Notícias recentes

According to NASA, CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has grown, since 1950, 140 parts per million, which is a lot. The industrial revolution has brought a tendency of mass production, which could be beneficial from some points of view, but the downside of this new way of dealing with nature’s goods is already showing how bad it can be. 

With the nonstop growth of CO2 emissions, the greenhouse effect is getting violently intensified, since it is known as one of the greenhouse gasses that are responsible for trapping heat in the atmosphere. Global temperatures are getting higher and higher, and this is presenting many aftereffects, such as the acidification of the oceans, ice melting, sea levels rising, threats to human health, death of coral reefs, and not to mention the number of ecosystems that are in risk.

With that being said, generation Z must have a greater understanding of how the current system can present irreversible consequences in the future. It is necessary for young people to realize that thinking about our future is extremely important and that it is in our hands, so we must go after everything we are capable of in order to stop the aggravation of this problem.

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