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December Edition

Politics: Últimas notícias
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Inflation in Europe: How has it changed this last decade

By Andre Reis Silva

From Paris, France


Japan’s Suicide Epidemic: A Perfect Example of Ignorance

By Angelina Burkhardt

From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

How does minimum wage affect the crime rate in Brazil?

By Stephanye Schäfer
From Palmela, Portugal


Ted Kaczynski's Critique of the Industrial Revolution

By Alex Gabriel From Lima, Peru


Russia's Control Over Eastern Europe: A reassessment of a historic power-imbalance

By Angelina Burkhardt

From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

As a Bulgarian girl, I have been fed with anti-Russia propaganda from my family. I never understood why my grandparents had critical views of a seemingly ordinary country. However, as I grew older, I noticed their anger wasn’t completely unwarranted. Through this essay, I analyze the ignored effects the Soviets had on Eastern European countries through the Cold War and beyond.

The importance of being environmentally conscious

By Maria Carolina Lima

From São Paulo, Brazil

As we already know, the whole world has been dealing with climate change. And we, as the young generation who will be in power someday, have to understand global warming’s consequences and how it will and already has affected our daily lives. Click below and check the full article!

The impact of fashion on the sports world

By Carolina Rapacci e Maria Eduarda Matias

From São Paulo, Brazil

Nowadays, especially after this year’s Olympic Games, a lot has been discussed related to the way athletes need to dress. This discussion has an emphasis on the clothes female players are obligated to wear depending on the sport they play and how sexualized they can be because of this. Continue to read!

Politics: Notícias recentes


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Have governments taken the appropriate steps towards long-distance education?

By João Victor Costa and Andre Reis Silva

A collaborative article of a French and a Brazilian student. This article will focus on how the governments of Chile and Brazil responded to the COVID-19 health crisis in the area of education.

The Wrecking of

Education in Brazil

By Luísa Richter

History for many years has shown that knowledge is one of the pillars of any society, and making it accessible is one of the fundamental elements for strengthening democracy. As long as the government does not understand the importance of education for a State, studying will be a cry of resistance.

A Perfect Storm for students in Lebanon, the Covid-19 crisis has exacerbated the county’s ongoing crises

By  Elias Ziyadeh

This article recounts the ongoing saga between Lebanese students and a multitude of crises. For two years, Lebanese students have been dealing with school closures, an economic crisis, a fuel shortage, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Politics: Recent News


child marriage.jpg

Child Marriage

by Leela Valadares Saili

“As children, we fantasize about our future weddings and romances, yet we don’t know about the atrocities occurring with some girls younger than the age of 15.” As Leela Saili stated, around the world, girls are being forced to marry older men due to poverty and lack of opportunities. Learn more about this issue.

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Boys will be Boys
by Leela Valadares Saili

In this article, we will analyze the effects of one simple sentence: "boys will be boys". This single line features the nature of a patriarchal society and how, even nowadays, we still live under a gender gap.


Brazil and it's two sanitary crises: the COVID-19 pandemic and the Bolsodemic

by Giovana Rabello

“The situation does not stop here: the president is now threatening to impede elections from occurring in 2022, hence threatening the guarantee of national democracy. But how did we get here?” This OPINION ARTICLE explores Brazil’s sanitary crises under the leadership of Jair Bolsonaro.

pandemic debt.png

The Pandemic and Debt

by Andre Reis Silva

With the world coming to a stop in 2020 and people staying home, we experienced low economic activity. Governments distributed huge sums of money. Thus, there was a repercussion to this action. Intrigued about the consequence? Read more!

Politics: Recent News
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