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December Edition


My Histio Journey

By RaeNeice Dunbar
From Texas, USA

The effects of your sleeping schedule on your mood and well-being

By Sergio Ribeiro
From Palmela, Portugal

What it's like living with chronic pain

By Leela Saili
From Slough, England

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The Delta Variant and the Educational System in Florida
By: Gabriela Chahade

Covid-19 has damaged several businesses throughout these past two excruciatingly long years; the educational system has been no stranger to the damaging havoc brought upon by the coronavirus. Students are slowly returning to an in-person school environment and with a buoyant outlook for the future because of campaigns encouraging people to get vaccinated and spreading awareness about the dangers of the virus.

Mental health, COVID-19, and education
By: Kevin Quimatzoyaro

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about several new challenges ranging from grown adults to teens and children. There has been an incline in the increase of mental/ emotional stress of children due to the lack of contact caused by social distancing.

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A letter about COVID-19 & Mental Health in School
By Mariano Pucciarelli Vega

Several people have realized that there’s been an uprise in negativity and anxiety amongst students, so I’ve decided to try and help. This letter includes tips on how to take care of your mental health.

Rapid Progression of Myopia During the Pandemic
By: Nicole Fan

Have you ever felt a lingering headache, fatigue in the eye, or needed to squint your eyes to see clearly? The global myopia incidence has been continuously progressing, and according to studies, it has no possibility of stabilizing any time soon, considering the prolonged use of digital devices due to the COVID-19 outbreak

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Leitura fora

How to deal with stress and anxiety during the pandemic
By: Nicole Fan

Pandemic fatigue is "the exhaustion you may be feeling after months of spending extra time and energy dealing with our new pandemic lifestyle and all the struggles it’s brought on." We are certainly facing difficult challenges throughout these unprecedented times, and we are all prone to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed.

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Health: News Articles
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Chronically Ill in a Pandemic

By RaeNeice Dunbar

“I was diagnosed with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis , and a rare blood disorder (HLH) in the Spring of 2018.” Read about Rae’s experience with being chronically ill and in the pandemic.

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