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Our Arts&Entertainment articles for December

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Body language: the code to everything

by Helena Ziegler

This article talks about the basics of body language. It discusses how different types of people connect, there are lookers, listeners, and touchers. Afterward, it discusses how to decode a person, find out when they are lying or how they act.

December Recommendations

by Isabella Fischer

This article is a recommendation list for the month of December. It suggests a series of TV shows and movies the writer felt were worthy to watch during this time of the year.

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Home design

Sense of Home

by Francisca Alho

Home comes in more than one way. This poem describes the feeling of being home through the quest of all of our senses because home truly is, only, where love is. 

Squid Game and the critique of contemporary capitalism

by Maria Luísa Richter

This article discussed the deeper meaning of the notorious Squid Game from Netflix, connecting the show to the idea of a false capitalistic society.

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Concerts in the pandemic: what’s the setlist?
By Sophia McNaus

Almost every industry has taken a major hit from the pandemic but, perhaps one of the very last things we will get to see at the end of this period is the return of live shows, amusement parks, and conventions that are absolutely bumbling with people. I wonder, when will I be able to see a live show again?

Impact of COVID-19 in our culture/ music
By Carla Turbides

Songs have always held a mirror to the world, reflecting the things going on around us, and, arguably, music changes society like no other art form. Music is a powerful tool, one that helps us understand and acknowledge the reality around us.

Theatre camp during COVID-19
By Leela Valadares Saili

I spent six days at the British Youth Music Theatre. I wish I could relive every moment of it, and I created incredible bonds with people who have the same dreams and passion as I do.

Film Reviews of The Month

By Mabel Lanzelotti

Read more about these three movies and discover the magic of cinema! Get to know about unconditional and true love in this review.


My story with songwriting

By Isabella Fisher

As Isabella correctly put it, songwriting is like a puzzle, fitting the pieces to then have the big picture. Get to know how the pandemic affected the process of songwriting for Isabella.


The significance of touch

By Pedro Dutra

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Getting by with Life vs Living Life
By Pedro Dutra

“I like to think that if I was about to die, draw my last breath, and a small recap of my life played in my head, I would smile a warm smile, and my heart will rest in peace.” Interested about truly living?

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social pandemic.jpeg

Social Pandemic

By Pedro Moura

"Controlled by the fear of rejection, we tend to convince ourselves that we are someone we're not, in order to minimize the pain of not fitting within unachievable standards." Do you truly know who you are and to what extent you are a victim of this contemporary world?

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