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Education - December

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Day in the Life

by Eric Joseph

About the changes from a normal school to a boarding school. Also discusses Eric's daily routine and what he likes and dislikes about his current boarding school.

Education: News Articles
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Education: News Articles
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How did the coronavirus outbreak change students’ academic patterns?
By Pedro Dutra

“You might think that you weren’t contaminated by the virus but in reality, we all were. Our daily life is, until this day, scarred by this unfathomably despicable disease. [...] All of this severely affected students’ academic performance, mental health, and their entire lives.”

The Tainted World of Standardized Testing
By Angelina Burkhardt

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has sparked new updates in the educational system. New flaws in the system are being pointed out, such as the many faults of the standardized tests needed to get into most colleges and universities. Let’s explore why these tests are not only outdated but also discriminatory towards students.

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Applying to University during the Pandemic
By Joana Gonçalves

I stared at the blinking cursor, painfully aware that I was right back to where I started. I had my entire life planned out, one graduation after another. I was uncomfortable with uncertainty, not realizing how important it would be to my life story. My only consolation was that I wasn’t going through it alone.

Student’s manual: Asking for help and helping others
By Maria Carolina Lima

Yes, our teachers have been going through it just like us, and understanding that we must help each other in this rough time is essential. We developed the idea that our professors are our enemies, but they are actually not!

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Different languages in the world
By Stephanye Schäfer

Ever heard the sentence “communication is key?” In today’s globalized world, communication is literally a way to unlock doors and transmit different messages.

My experience with education in Germany and Scotland during COVID-19
By Sophia Duisberg

I experienced the pandemic in two different countries: Germany and Scotland. Read and get to know more about my experience!

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How Online Learning has affected the relationship between students and teachers
By Isabella Fischer

The pandemic has brought many changes, and with it came online learning. Online learning has brought some positive changes to how students and teachers navigate learning, as both had to learn how to travel new waters at the same time.



IB Survival

By Carla Turbides and Hannah Gun

We are going to write about things that we would have liked to know before taking this program, as well as our general thoughts and first impressions over the last 6 months of this new learning challenge. Curious about how to cope with the IB? Get some advice by reading our article!

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Life at a Boarding School During the Pandemic

by Eric Joseph Roberto

“Why would anyone ever want to attend school in a foreign country, away from your parents and the comfort of home?”

Education: News Articles
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