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My story with songwriting

June 10, 2020

Written by: Isabella Fisher

From: São Paulo, Brazil

Edited by: Luana Mayer

Recently, I’ve been really into songwriting. I think for me the most important part is making the lyrics fit so intricately that it’s evident it was by design. The best analogy I can come up with for songwriting is that it’s like a puzzle: you have to find the pieces that fit together,

only then you can see the big picture. It definitely is very satisfying when all the pieces come together and create the final product.

Obviously, the process of getting the song done is different for everybody, but I usually start with the lyrics, they are always the priority. Everything post lyrics isn’t as high stakes for me, because the lyrics are what truly make or break a song, in my opinion.

I think the key to songwriting is dedication and practice, because the more often you do it the more naturally the process will occur. I truly believe that if you put in the time it will show in how your lyrics turn out.

Some people ask me how the pandemic affected my process of songwriting. To be quite frank, it hasn’t negatively affected my songwriting. In fact, it allowed me to establish the habit of continuously writing into my routine, which provided more time for me to dedicate to improving my skills.

Another reason why I don’t think the pandemic didn’t negatively affect my songwriting process is due to the fact that I’m inspired by the external world. My ideas could keep me occupied for hours, so I wasn’t lacking stimulation to continue writing. Seeing all the chaos that was going on provided me with a different angle while writing my songs. 

While there might’ve not been a lot going on in my life, various pieces of media gave me a lot to write about. It was definitely interesting to venture into writing about experiences that I haven’t necessarily had. Looking at fiction also really helped me get ideas during the pandemic. Overall, I usually chose to draw inspiration from works that I feel called to; thus, the lyrics being more authentic.

Here are a few snippets of songs I wrote:

                “I like to live by plans

never jump before I look 

I like to play it safe

but I can’t do that with you

and I hate winds of change 

but no walls can hold them

I’ve always trusted my judgement 

but you’ve stripped me of that too”

“The distance feels like a joke played by the twisted hands of fate

It’s so cruel, but so worth the wait.

And I’d never dare to admit that your absence is the loudest sound, 

but you know way I’m too proud to tell you”

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