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December Recommendations

Written by: Isabella Fischer

From: São Paulo, Brazil

Edited by: Anna Kissajikian

I wanted to share some media that I personally enjoy and that are well suited for this month.

My first recommendation is The Haunting of Hill House, which is a Netflix original that on the surface might appear to be a standard ghost story but there is much more to it. The series follows the Crain family and the trauma they acquire from the ghostly encounters they had while living in Hill House. As the series progresses we see the siblings deal with their traumas and the different stages of grief. The story concludes with a devastating but somewhat hopeful ending. I highly recommend it, but viewer discretion should be warranted as it deals with dark topics and disturbing images. 

While it might not be a recommendation that is directly related to Halloween it’s definitely gory enough to fit the atmosphere. Squid games; the show that everyone has at least heard about. What seems to be a convenient way for a group of indebted people to gain money quickly, in truth, out to be much more sinister. The participants must play traditional Korean childhood games and proceed to the next phase. With each completed phase, more money is accumulated. If anyone fails to pass the challenges they are eliminated. I think it’s worth noting that this show is extremely gory, so only proceed to watch it if you think you can stomach it!

Similar to my previous recommendation this one also doesn’t revolve around Halloween but provides an unnerving factor that is well suited for the month of October. Of course, I’m well aware Gone Girl isn’t a recent and is extremely well known, but I can’t recommend it enough. Gone Girl is a thriller, so as you can imagine it’s not a lighthearted watch to say the least. The plot is as follows, Nick Dunne’s wife, Amy has presumably gone missing. In order to find her, Nick follows a series of clues left by her. However, as the hunt for clues goes on Nick starts to realise his wife’s masterfully crafted cruel plan, and he plays right into it.

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