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Day in the Life

Written by: Eric Joseph

From: Oxford, UK

Edited by: Anna Kissajikian

When I first came to St. Clares, an International boarding school in Oxford, the first and main thing that really changed was my daily routine. During my time at St. Nicks my school days were just as anyone would imagine, waking up, going to school from 8am to 3:15pm, six periods with an hour long lunch break in the middle. The main difference now is that I live at the school, which makes my morning routine a whole lot more relaxing, giving me plenty of time to get everything ready for the day. With classes starting at 9am everyday, my alarm rings at 7:45 on the dot, and yes, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is lazy in the morning and takes a few minutes to get out of bed. Since arriving here a year ago I have made a habit of taking quick showers before going to school as it feels good to start the day off fresh. Whenever I wake up I am always hungry and need to eat in order to get some energy for the day ahead so I make way to the dining hall at 08:15 to grab some food. I always get the same things for breakfast everyday which consists of two sausages, cinnamon roll, watermelon slices and a banana. 

Lessons start at 9pm sharp, and punctuality is very important here at St. Clares, so I always prepare my bag the night before, just to make sure I'll be on time the next morning. A typical day consists of 5-6 periods each of 55 minutes long, and on Fridays I am lucky enough to have only three. MyIB subjects consist of English A (HL), Geography (HL), Psychology (HL), Environmental Studies (SL), Spanish B (SL) and Maths AI (SI) with Geography, Environmental studies and Psychology being among my favorites. 12:10 is when all students congregate in the dining hall for lunch. Normally, I like to sit outside in the garden to eat, but with the weather in the UK getting worse it’s been hard to do so lately. The school day ends at 4:30pm and curfew is at 11:00pm, leaving plenty of room for activities.

After school I typically will have CAS sessions, which I must attend. I attend football on monday’s and wednesday’s, and Magazine club and Psychology Club on thursdays. Once I'm free I do my best to balance my time between school and having fun, so on a normal day I’ll commit myself to 1-2 hours of homework/studying, and the rest are fun activities, such as going to the gym and hanging out with friends. In the hours before curfew, St Clare's students group together and hangout in the village centre, which I personally really enjoy because it allows me to actually get to know my colleagues outside of class and talk to many different people. Unfortunately, the fun has to end at some point and by 11pm all students must return to their houses and be in their rooms by 11:30. I use the time after curfew to take a shower, talk to my roommate and finish off any additional homework before going to bed. 

Weekends are much different, obviously we don’t have school, so I wake a lot later than I normally would. During the day there is not a lot of atmosphere around campus, as most students stay inside or go out in small groups to get coffee. However, at night we all come to life as we all go out in groups, have fun in the city centre and take advantage of the fact that curfew is extended until 00:00. 

I prefer this routine in comparison to the one I had in Brazil as I feel like they are a bit more productive and less time consuming, as I don’t have to commute in a large city and I have plenty of time for both academics and social life. Lastly, this routine has made me a lot more independent, as I am in charge and I make my decisions, bearing in mind the consequences. It has certainly taught me a lot. 

Day in the Life: Feature Story
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