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Content creators’ role in digital marketing and the growth of consumerism

Written by: Maria Carolina Sangirardi Lima and Maria Eduarda Campos Matias
From: São Paulo, Brazil
Edited by: Luana Mayer

Since 2010, with the rise of technology, consumerism has been impacted by social media; the same has happened with the fashion industry. Generally speaking, content creators’ influence plays an important role in online sales: they have the power of boosting trends and the ability to shape what people desire. Therefore, it has been noticed that especially young people are easily influenced by what they see online. These are serious issues that require further consideration.  
On one hand, the use of technology in marketing provides great propaganda to companies. There is ample evidence that the hiring of digital influencers is significantly important for a brand. Research from Ecommerce Brazil (2016) suggested that when a digital influencer advertises a product, sales can grow up to 80%, which shows us how effective their job is. What is more, the use of social media tools also helps the client to have easier and quicker access to what is being sponsored - consequently increasing the rate of sales growth.  
On the other hand, this phenomenon causes society to get way too consumerist and always please for more. Because of influencers, there is a tendency for the appearance of new trends to be boosted – which leads to feelings of desire for fashion items, such as purses, shoes, and jewelry. Thus, we must be aware of the impact social media has and be in control of our own cravings when it comes to shopping, so we do not become victims of consumerism.  
To sum up, technology allows fashion companies to advertise their products and reach consumers in a higher range. Although, it can contribute to a mass phenomenon of unnecessary shopping in young people and aggravate consumerism. While content creators are helpful for the economic growth of fashion brands, viewers should be conscious of the consequences of exacerbated shopping.

Tech Article: Consumerism: Feature Story
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