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Closing 2021

Welcome to the December Edition

Intermag is your one-stop magazine for global news and entertainment. Here you will find stories from students of different backgrounds, all sharing their voices and connecting globally during a time of much uncertainty. Check out our range of articles, and get your news and updates from teenagers with different perspectives from all over the world!

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Intermag is the number one magazine publisher for all the news you seek. No matter what you want to read about, our team of dedicated writers is here to provide you with instant coverage on a wide range of topics. Check out our most recent pieces of the week below.






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What is Intermag? A global magazine.

Welcome to our magazine. Here, I will tell you more about our journey and goals. We are a global magazine aiming to create a network of international citizens through a healthy exchange of ideas. we seek to...

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IB Survival Guide

In this short article, we are going to write about things that we would have liked to know before taking this program, as well as our general thoughts and first impressions over the last 6 months of this new learning challenge. Curious about how to cope with the IB? Get some advice by reading our article!

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